WWE Senior Vice President: “Never Say Never” for CM Punk’s Return

can CM Punk Make a damn comeback WWEAfter nine years of promotion, he left?

In January 2014, Punk left WWE after that year Royal Rumble And that got released from the June campaign.

The former world champion was sent her termination papers on her wedding day, at the time Vince McMahon Later said it was a mere coincidence and apologized for it.

WWE Returns

Still suspended from punk AEW due to all out After the feud, his future with AEW remains in question.

Talking about it The ‘Oh You Don’t Know’ PodcastWWE’s Senior Vice President of Live Events ‘Road Dogg’ Jesse James weighed in on whether Punk could return.

“Never say never to these guys. They’ll give you a second chance. [WWE] Business savvy will give you a chance, and he may be brought back. It could be because he is a needle mover.”

‘Road Dog’ Jesse James.

Punk had a hostile relationship with WWE in the years following his walkout, but appeared in WWE backstage, even though his contract was with FOX at the time.

Unhappy roster

CM Punk could (theoretically) return to WWE, but if so, he shouldn’t expect a warm response.

Some are known to be “Not at all” Punk returns, believing he’ll bring the exact same attitude that fueled his AEW run.

A return to AEW wouldn’t go much better for Punk either, with top talent refuse to work With him when he is brought back Tony Khan.

There is a group led by the former AEW World Champion Chris JerichoWhich is working to prevent his return to All-Elite promotion.

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