WWE had plans behind the controversial Brock Lesnar squash match

Brock Lesnar is definitely one The most decorated and accomplished pro wrestler in the history of the industry. During his two runs with WWE, The Beast Incarnate was an unstoppable force of nature, with whom few could top The Beast. He also squashed Kofi Kingston a few years ago and it seems WWE had a plan in mind for a squash match.

On the October 4, 2019 episode of WWE Smackdown on FOX, Brock Lesnar challenged Kofi Kingston for the title. In a move that has fans still questioning the booking decision, Brock Lesnar squashed Kofi Kingston in seven seconds to become the WWE Champion.

Immediately after the win, Brock Lesnar faced Cain Velasquez, who quickly took Brock Lesnar down and kicked him out of the ring. That being said, their conflict turned out to be a disappointment.

Even years later, many still think it was a terrible booking decision. Because fans and pro wrestlers alike felt that Kofi Kingston deserved better than being humiliated like that.

time to talk Public Enemy Podcast, former WWE writer Chris Dunn talks about Brock Lesnar’s controversial win over Kofi Kingston. Dunn revealed that WWE had a plan to win, which was to make Lesnar as dominant as possible before his feud with Cain Velasquez.

“I think the feeling was that Brock wasn’t going back to coffee,” Dunn said. “He was going [to face] Kane and Tara wanted to make the Kane match, and they felt that Dominating the Performance was the way to do it. I think it sucks.”

The squash match was used as a way to introduce Cain Velasquez during his Fox debut on SmackDown. In the end, it only resulted in a match in Saudi Arabia for Kane and Brock. then WWE released Velasquez shortly afterMany fans think it was all for naught.

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January 25, 2023 at 11:26 am

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