WWE CEO Nick Khan on McMahons: “Family is Complicated”

WWE CEO Nick Khan said the relationship between the McMahons is important “Family is Complicated” And so is business.

Last July, Vince McMahon retired from WWE amid allegations of misconduct with female employees, leading to millions in NDAs.

It was later reported that McMahon and his wife Linda (whom they married in 1966) “Technically Married” But not together for a long time.

McMahon retired after a few months Vince fired his son Shane McMahon for his actions backstage at the Royal Rumble in January 2022.

This month saw Vince return to WWE and replace his daughter Stephanie McMahon. Executive Chairman of promotion

Speaking about the dysfunctional McMahon family, Nick Khan expressed his opinion The Bill Simmons Podcast. he said

“Families are complicated, businesses are complicated, families and businesses are even more complicated. I guess I just stay away from it. His son-in-law works there, he’s the head of creative and there’s always a lot of Twitter chatter that somehow these two don’t get along, I think everyone gets on very well.”

Vince McMahon’s only remaining relationship working in WWE is his son-in-law Triple H, who oversees both the creative department and talent relations.

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