Wranglers Gilbert, Canucks Canuck Lippert suspended

Springfield, Mass. … The American Hockey League’s Player Safety Committee announced today that Calgary Wranglers defenseman Dennis Gilbert Suspended for two (2) games and Abbotsford Canucks defenseman Alex Kanak Leipert Suspended for one (1) game as a result of their actions in a game between teams on January 21st.

Gilbert was dismissed after receiving a match penalty for an illegal check on an opponent’s head. He will miss tonight’s (Jan. 24) and Wednesday’s (Jan. 25) games vs. Calgary, Ontario.

In the final five minutes of the third period Kanak Leipert was assessed an inciting penalty, resulting in an automatic one-game suspension under the provisions of AHL Rule 46.21. He will miss Toronto vs. Abbotsford tonight (January 24).

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