WPL auction breakdown – who bid the most? Which city received the most bids?

BCCI on Wednesday The winning bid opens For the five franchises in the Women’s Premier League to be held in March. Sixteen business firms, including seven IPL franchise owners, submitted a total of 84 bids to choose one of the ten cities on offer. The rates were for ten years. ESPNcricinfo has accessed the spreadsheet containing all bids, including five successful ones. The following are key takeaways.

Adani Sportsline gave the highest bid for five cities

Adani Sportsline Private Limited, a subsidiary of the Adani Group owned by one of the world’s richest men, Gautam Adani, placed the highest bid for five cities: Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Guwahati and Kolkata. All bids were of the same amount: INR 1289 crore (approx. USD 158 million), the highest in the entire auction. As per the rules laid down by the BCCI, if an organization makes the highest bid for multiple cities, it can choose the city of its choice.

Adani Sportsline has chosen Ahmedabad, which houses the Narendra Modi Stadium, the world’s largest cricket stadium with a capacity of 132,000. Ahmedabad, which attracted half a dozen bids, is also home to the Adani Group.

Ahmedabad WPL franchise, which was unveiled soon after the auction As a Gujarat giant, will share the Motera stadium with defending IPL champions Gujarat Titans. In 2021, CVC Capital Partners (Irelia Company Pte Ltd), a global fund management company, bought the Titans franchise for INR 5625 crore, making it the second-most expensive franchise in the IPL. In fact, CVC Capital outbid Adani Sportsline which bid Rs 5100 crore.

Bangalore and Chennai are the most bid cities

Bengaluru and Chennai, home to two of the IPL’s most popular teams, attracted the most bids: 12. And if your guess for third place in the same category was another major Indian metro, you’re wrong. It was the central Indian city of Indore that came next with 11 bids. Only three cities have double-digit bids, followed by Kolkata with nine. Mumbai had the lowest number of bids at four.

A gulf of INR 1000-plus crores between the highest and lowest bids

In 2008, Rajasthan Royals owners paid $67 million (for ten years) to win the Jaipur franchise in the IPL. It was the least expensive franchise of the original eight. The Royals’ owners were praised for their moneymaking approach, which was a highlight of their fairytale win in the inaugural season under Shane Warne. Fifteen years later, the Royals’ owners haven’t changed tack: they also had the lowest bid for a WPL franchise. Royal Multisport Private Limited, the current owner of the Royals, placed three bids: INR 176 crore (Indore), INR 178 crore (Dharamshala) and INR 180 crore (Guwahati). The difference between the lowest bid (INR 176 crore by Royals for Indore) and the highest bid (INR 1289 crore by Adani Sportsline for five cities) was a staggering INR 1113 crore.

Strange tactics of Mumbai owners

If assessing how much to bid is not a dizzying exercise in itself, the strategy adopted by Indiawin Sports Pvt Ltd, the company that owns five-time IPL champions Mumbai Indians, has taken it to another level. Mumbai Indians, who were represented by their owner Akash Ambani at the auction, bid in eight cities. Although each bid that attracted attention was separated by INR 0.03 crore: the bid for Guwahati was INR 912.78 crore, for Indore it was INR 912.81 crore, for Lucknow INR 912.84 crore, for Kolkata INR 912.87 crore, for Chennai INR 299 crore, for Chennai INR 912.9 crore. . crore, Delhi INR 912.96 crore, followed by INR 912.99 crore for their home base Mumbai. Finally, they chose Mumbai as their preferred choice.

KKR attacked but came back empty handed

Kolkata Knight Riders is among the most valuable IPL franchises – apart from having a huge fan following, it is co-owned by Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Knight Riders Sports Pvt Ltd, which owns Knight Riders franchises worldwide, was the sole bidder to bid for ten cities in the WPL auction. But they failed to secure a franchise this time, bidding the same amount – INR 666 crore – for each city.

Royal Challengers Sports Pvt Ltd, which owns the Royal Challengers Bangalore franchise, placed the joint-lowest number of bids – two – with Yadu International Ltd, one of the nine non-IPL-owning bidders. While Yadu bid for Delhi (INR 305 crore) and Indore (INR 301 crore), Royal Challengers bid for Kolkata (INR 691 crore) and Bengaluru (INR 901 crore), which were their final choices.

Those who have bid for multiple cities include 360 ​​Slingshot Sports Ventures Pvt Ltd (9 cities), Indiawin Sports and KPH Dream Pvt Ltd, who own Punjab Kings in the IPL (8 each), Capri Global Holdings Pvt Ltd, the Lucknow franchise in the WPL. won (7), Amrit Leela Enterprises Pvt Ltd and APL Sports Pvt Ltd (6 each), Adani Sports and JSW-GMR Cricket Pvt Ltd, owners of Delhi Capitals in IPL (5 each), Om Industries India Pvt Ltd – Haldiram (4), Sriram Value Services Limited, Sun TV Network Limited, which owns Sunrisers Hyderabad in the IPL and Torrent Investments Pvt Ltd (3 each).

Nagaraj Gollapudi is the news editor for ESPNcricinfo

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