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The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) will allow teams to include up to five foreign players in the playing XI for the inaugural season of the Women’s IPL. Crickbuzz The report board has made a slight change in the men’s IPL rules allowing only four foreign players to field. However, there is a clause. For WIPL 2023, there should be at least one player from an associate country out of five foreign players.

“Teams will have the option of fielding five foreign players as long as the fifth player is from an associate country,” a source told the website.

Associate nations are recognized by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and currently have 99 members in this category. According to the ICC’s official website, “Associate Members are the governing bodies of cricket in any country recognized by the ICC, countries concerned for the purposes of cricket or a geographical area, who do not qualify as full members, but where cricket is firmly established and organised.”

In another move related to WIPL, BCCI is set to set the salary cap at Rs 12 crore for the inaugural edition. Over the next four years, the fund size will increase by Rs 1.5 crore annually, reaching Rs 18 crore at the end of the initial five-year cycle. Furthermore, the board will mandate that there is no provision for icon players in five-team leagues.

The league’s prize money for the WIPL will be a total of Rs 10 crore for the players, including Rs 6 crore for the champion team and Rs 3 crore for the runners-up team. The third placed team will get Rs.1 crore. Notably, the entire player prize money has to be spread among the cricketers only.

Recently, Viacom bought 18 WIPL’s media rights for the 2023-27 cycle for Rs 950 crore. On January 25, the board is expected to announce the names of five franchises for the first three editions following a closed bidding process. Although no official announcement has been made revealing the exact date of the competition, WIPL 2023 is likely to be held from March 4 to 26.

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