William Regal talks about his run in all of Elite Wrestling

Former AEW star and professional wrestling legend William Regal recently appeared on the “Destruction Pieces” podcast to talk about things like how he enjoyed his run in AEW, but he hopes it’s more about the talent he’s working with. was Less with and about him because he’s quite happy to be in the background.

William Regal says:

“In the last months of AEW, it was becoming too much about me. It should have been about the talent I was with, not me. I’m quite happy to be in the background. I had my run. I couldn’t have been better for the last few months doing TV and that, but I didn’t go there with that intention.”

William Regal also talked about how his original intention was to help in a different capacity.

William Regal says:

“The intention was to do something different, and it started the way it did, but I didn’t expect it to end up like it has for the last seven months where I’ve just been a genius. I went there with a different plan because I was asked to go there to help in a different capacity, and that never happened.”

You can see William Regal’s comments here link. H/T to fight To paraphrase the above quotations.

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