William Regal looks back on WWE NXT taking over the brand from Game Show – Wrestling Inc.

Seasoned pro wrestling fans will recall that “WWE NXT” was a different entity when it debuted than it is today. when The show started in 2010, it airs as a seasonal show that mixes scripted segments with reality television. Competitors were chosen from FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) and given mentors from “Raw” and “SmackDown” as they completed weekly challenges to win over fans. The five seasons of “NXT” will bring into the fold memorable stars such as Wade Barrett, Caitlin, Johnny Curtis (aka Fandango), and Kaval (aka Low Key).

William Regal played an important role as Triple H wanted to take “NXT” in a new direction. Regal, who recently Returned to WWE After a stint in AEW, “sat down withDistraction Piece Podcast“”NXT” to reflect shifting direction.

“As far as I know, I’m the first person who knew anything about it [the changes] Obviously besides his wife or Mr. McMahon,” Regal said. “What’s your point of view?’ ‘This is my vision.’ ‘Well, let’s go and do it.’ And we had this incredible team around us to help – it was a small team. ‘Okay, so, there’s the vision. Let’s go.’ I could tell the vision; the vision was that we were both watching at the time, “Boardwalk Empire.” And he said, ‘When you see wrestling you know that whatever people’s idea of ​​wrestling is. … You can have fun stuff, obviously, The story goes on and there can be all kinds of violence. Just well-told stories. You don’t see anybody on a show like ‘The Sopranos’ or :Boardwalk Empire: small to big roles, that look out of place. That’s the vision.'”

These changes will bring forward some of the memorable characters and stories that “NXT” has to offer Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch are just a few New rendition of “NXT” shaped stars.

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