Will Osprey regrets the tweets he sent about Seth Rollins

Will Osprey is undoubtedly one of the best wrestlers on the planet. The adjectives you use to describe his in-ring skills aren’t enough. Ospreay aptly nicknamed The Aerial Assassin does some of the most ridiculous things during his match.

Although Ospreay is a phenomenon in the ring, he is the exact opposite on social media. The former IWGP US Champion is known for some controversial tweets that have gotten him in trouble in the past.

His most well-known Twitter feud was with WWE Superstar Seth Rollins. It all started when Rollins tweeted asking if there was any wrestler as good as him.

“Down doubling. The best pro wrestling on the planet. See that cruiserweight triple threat? And that’s one match of one night, one of many. Find anyone else alive who does what I do as often as I do. Yeah can’t. #WWStompingGrounds #universalchampion @WWE“, Rollins tweeted.

Will Ospreay, who is very proud of his craft, will not shy away from telling The Visionary that he is still the best wrestler alive.

“I’m alive,” wrote Osprey.

Rollins did not take too kindly to Ospreay’s comments and praised Ospreay’s long-time rival Ricochet, who won his first US title, while calling him a “little guy”. Will Ospreay then made things more personal by saying that he has wrestled more matches in 2019 than Rollins who responded by suggesting comparing bank account balances instead.

Will Osprey was asked about his mean tweets on a recent episode session Podcast with Renee Paquette where she mentioned she was dyslexic and didn’t realize what she was typing until she sent it.

“I actually did a lot of soul searching with it because I think I was an absolute [beep] When it comes to this stuff. I guess I don’t think about what I’m writing because I’m dyslexic as f**k. I really don’t understand it as I am on the spectrum [beep] Autism and I got crazy ADHD. So, I don’t really think about it, I do it and then I feel like I’ve been using it as a diary for so long and I didn’t realize I was tweeting to get a few thousand likes. I’ll be honest with you I feel like I’ve let myself down and I’ve let down anyone who’s ever wanted to be like a solid support. I’m trying my best to really like not just get back into it but to try and really mend fences,” Osprey said.

Will Osprey recently wrestled Kenny Omega In Wrestle Kingdom 17 what can only be described as an instant classic. Although Ospreay lost the match, he definitely gained a lot of fans after the match. stay tuned Ringside News We bring similar stories for you.

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