What was originally planned for the scrapped Raw Women’s Steel Cage Match?

Fans were extremely disappointed with this week’s steel cage match on Monday Night Raw, which did not go as planned.

Pitting of match, damage CTRL Bailey against Becky Lynchwas promoted throughout the week, and was one of the highlights of Raw’s 30th-anniversary episode.

Instead of the match, Lynch attacked WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions IYO SKY and Dakota Kai make their entrance and are thrown into the ring.

Locking the cage door, SKY, Kai, and Bayley beat up Lynch, and Adam Pearce leaves after breaking the lock on the cage door.

master plan

The steel cage match was planned by WWE before the episode was scrapped due to long segments.

It is known that the trial is going on Sami Jain The one that opened this week took longer than expected.

PW Insider Reports that the cage match was planned for Lynch to win, and then damage would be attacked by CTRL after the match.

Whether this match will be used in full down the line is yet to be confirmed.

negative feedback

WWE felt it was the right call to call off the steel cage match, as the alternative was to have the actual match last about two minutes.

However, the decision to cancel the match led to backlash from fans, who questioned WWE’s treatment of its women for the 30 event.

Hashtag after Raw #WWEWomenDeserveBetter is trending on Twitter, According to many this week’s show was ‘a slap in the face to women revolution.’

On Twitter, the Bella Twins Has expressed their support for the hashtagHaving previously advertised for the show, but did not appear on the programme.

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