Wes Lee Claims He Had A Chance To Sign With WWE Years Ago (VIDEO)

Wes Lee could have started his journey in WWE sooner than he did.

The NXT North American Champion recently appeared as a guest on The Mark Moses Show for an in-depth interview, during which he talked about how he had the opportunity to sign with WWE before actually ending it.

Below are some highlights of the discussion where he touched on the subject with his thoughts.

On his thoughts on signing with WWE: “About five years ago there was a situation where the opportunity was presented to us a little earlier, but the communication didn’t quite happen. I was bouncing around the world then, so it was rather difficult to contact me. By the time they wanted to contact me, I Was busy at the time and unable to contact them. Once the perfect moment happened and we were able to discuss things and make a plan of how we were going. Go ahead with everything, you know that right feeling before the storm comes and what there is. Is there a strange calm?”

How can he sense temperature changes: “You can feel the temperature change, you feel that the rain is coming, you feel in your bones that something is going to happen, I felt the same, but there was never a rain cloud, never a storm, just this calm over me. Presence in Life. ‘Okay, you’re where you need to be now. You’re going to do what you’re supposed to do. Pursue what you’ve got and live your life the way you want it to be.’ That phone call really let me know I was on the right track.”

Watch the full Wes Lee interview via the embedded YouTube player below. H/T to fight.com To paraphrase the above quotations.

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