WATCH: Very Weird Video of Carrion Crossing With Wrestling Legend –

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I remember him. There are certain wrestlers who have been around the industry for what feels like forever. Many of them either work behind the scenes or continue to work in wrestling in some capacity after their in-ring careers diverge. These guys are alive and well in wrestling and you’ll see them pop up often. It happened again with a wrestler you don’t see very often in WWE.

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Carrion Cross posted a new video on his YouTube page, in which he is seen talking to wrestling legend Kevin Sullivan. In the video, Sullivan plays a priest and is revealed at the end of the video, something else entirely. Cross tries to help Sullivan with a ritual but Sullivan says he’s worried about Cross going down the wrong path. No word on if Sullivan will appear in WWE or if it will be part of a storyline. This is the first video uploaded to Cross’s channel in six months.

It’s different. Check out the video, plus some of Cross’ time in WWE:

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