WATCH: Montez Ford and Bianca Bellaire Represent WWE at NFL Playoff Game –

IMG Credit: NBC Universal

It’s part of the job. Despite its problems, WWE is still the largest and most powerful wrestling promotion in the world. The company is active in several countries, but most of its work is done in the United States. The company wants to be associated with the biggest sporting event in the country and they tried to do so again this week.

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Monday Night Raw star Montez Ford and Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Bellaire appeared on NBC’s pre-game coverage of the Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Kansas City Chiefs NFL playoff game. Ford talked about the energy you find at WWE events and Belair talked about the high stakes. Both picked the Chiefs to win, which would turn out to be correct.

It was a quiet moment. Check out some of their looks and the two of them in their more familiar positions:

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