WarnerBros Discovery will not allow Mark Briscoe on AEW TV even after Jay Briscoe leaves

The wrestling community is deeply saddened Jay Briscoe dies at age 38. His death has been a painful event for many, as Briscoe was truly beloved by the pro wrestling community. That being said, AEW was not allowed to hold a tribute show for him last week due to Warner Bros. Discovery. Now it looks like they won’t allow Mark Briscoe on AEW television, even with Jay Briscoe gone.

AEW was unable to perform a proper tribute during Dynamite last week. This was due to WarnerMedia being blocked AEW is airing a tribute show for Jay BriscoeBecause of his past homophobic comments.

Because of this, AEW had to put on a tribute show for Jay Briscoe after Dynamite finished. You can see spoilers for the tribute here.

Tony Khan did everything he could for Jay Briscoe, but WarnerMedia didn’t budge on Dame Boys. time to talk Wrestling Observer RadioDave Meltzer noted that WarnerBros Discovery wouldn’t even allow Mark Briscoe on AEW television, even after his brother Jay Briscoe passed away.

“Oh boy. I already know the answer. The answer is no. Can’t say more than that. It may change, but that’s the answer. Hopefully this will change, but this is the answer. It can change, hopefully it will.”

It should be noted that Jay Briscoe sent those sensitive tweets years ago. He worked really hard for those comments and many around him testified to how much he tried to make things right with the LGBTQ community.

Tony Khan also clarified That he would take care of the Pugh family. AEW tried to make the Briscoes compete all out, but it never happened. We’ll have to see if Mark Briscoe makes an appearance on AEW television somewhere down the line.

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