Vince McMahon forced the former WWE Superstar to get a tan

Vince McMahon was at the center of a scandal last year The allegations involve allegations of payment to remain silent. He has since returned to the company and fans are now sick and worried. McMahon has his own quirks and the fans know it. That being said, it looks like he forced a former WWE Superstar to get a tan.

John Morrison was one of the best things about WWE television After he returned to the company in 2019. Morrison has already admitted that his WWE The return did not go as expected. He was released by WWE last year and has worked hard to become a big deal again in the indies.

Vince McMahon has his own vision of star making. This is especially true when it comes to the overall presentation of a WWE Superstar – for better or worse.

time to talk Chris Van Vliet, John Morrison talks about his time in WWE. Morrison revealed that Vince McMahon once forced him to get a tan in the early days of his career.

“Vince was always really big on tension and there were times where I was wrestling Sheamus and I’d come back and he’d be like, ‘God damn it, you look great.’ I look exactly the same and I wrestle [R-]The next week Truth and he were ‘Morrison, come here, how do you look. Get a tan, god damn it. You can’t sell the pale.’

John Morrison too Says he has unfinished business in WWE. We’ll have to wait and see when he returns to Vince McMahon’s company in the future.

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