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A little over 24 hours after losing their dear friend Jay Briscoe in a fatal car accident, the AEW/ROH wrestlers put their best foot forward. 1/18 episode of “AEW Dynamite”. in Fresno, California.

During the night, a number of wrestlers paid tribute to Briscoe in their own subtle ways. after The show started with a graphic In memory of the late wrestler, Jay Lethal — who wore an armband that read “Briscoe” during his All-Atlantic Championship match against Orange Cassidy. The best friends, who accompanied Cassidy to the ring, also wore black arm bands. In the comments, Excalibur offered its condolences to Jay’s family and friends.

The second match of the night, The Young Bucks’ game against the top flight, was a tribute to Jay. Matt and Nick Jackson wore armbands with “J ❤️” written on them and followed it up by performing the Doomsday Device, a top rope move that the Briscoes regularly used in their matches.

In the next match, a widely acclaimed singles match between Bryan Danielson and Bandido, both wrestlers wore armbands that read “J”.

Finally, Excalibur ended the broadcast of “Dynamite” with the following words: “We’re thinking of you, Jay Briscoe. You’re in our hearts and minds.”

As previously reported, AEW filmed a special tribute show In honor of Jay after “Dynamite” went off the air. According to fans in the arena, many former ROH talents – who had not been used in ROH programming since Tony Khan bought the promotion – were sent on short notice to pay tribute. Jay was featured wrestling on the first-ever ROH show, The Era of Honor Beings, on June 23, 2002, and on the most recent ROH show, Final Battle, on December 10, 2022.

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