Top Warner Bros. Discovery executive has “tremendous respect” for AEW viewers

Kathleen Finch, chairman and chief content officer of Warner Bros. Discovery’s US networks group, praised its fanbase. AEW.

AEW airs two weekly television shows on company-owned networks, Dynamite on Wednesday nights on TBS and Rampage on Friday nights on TNT. They broadcast quarterly specials titled, Battle of the Beltswhich aired on TNT and aired live after the last two Rampages.

A time to speak frankly Last date-Moderating the keynote at the RealScreen conference in Austin, Texas, Finch noted that sports and sitcoms do well on Turner Networks.

Finch discussed AEW while talking about the company’s concerns about Dana White’s Power Slap show following his New Year’s Eve debacle in which he was seen on video slapping his wife.

“This is a test. The aim is, we are making shows for our fans, the people we work for. The fans of wrestling have a lot of overlap with its fans and it’s huge on social media so the idea is, if we can take something that’s huge on social, then bring what the fans want to a linear audience. It might surprise you that I didn’t know much about wrestling before taking this job. I know, I sound like a wrestling fan, but I’m not. But I got to learn a lot from the audience. Many families watch that [wrestling], I was very surprised to know that. I have a lot of respect for this audience. AEW Wrestling airs on two of our networks, TNT and TBS — dead on both nights. Finding something that speaks to that audience, that would be gold.”

AEW’s TV rights deal expires in 2024 and is due to be negotiated this year.

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