Tony Khan Confirms Big 2023 Plans for Briscoe Brothers – Wrestling Inc.

The Briscoes may not have found their way onto AEW programming in 2022, but there were plans for the legendary Ring of Honor tag team to make a massive appearance in 2023 with the brand they would become synonymous with. Mark and Jay Briscoe Just won the ROH World Tag Team Champions for the 13th time in December and, as part of an ROH television show Honor Club reorganizedAEW president Tony Khan had plans to make the Briscoes a cornerstone of the ROH tag team division.

Sadly, those ideas, like Jay Briscoe, never had a chance to come to fruition Tragically killed in an auto accident Earlier this week. “It’s bad, it’s really terrible,” Khan said Wrestling Observer Newsletter. “A major focus for Ring of Honor in 2023 is going to be Briscoe and I still want to honor Jay’s life and career and the Briscoes’ legacy.”

There had previously been attempts to bring the Briscoes to AEW, but the company was never able to get past those at WarnerMedia. They reportedly don’t want tag teams on their airwaves Because of some of Jay’s past problematic tweets. Just last year, Khan originally wanted to pair the Briscoes with All Out, FTR and Wardlow with Jay Lethal, but the inability to make the televised promotion stymied those plans. Khan instead focused on Motor City Machine Gun for that particular match, but this little-known fact further proves Khan’s commitment to wanting big things for Mark and Jay.

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