Tony Khan Believes ‘CM Put Punk On Ice’

CM Punk has not been a part of AEW programming since the infamous events that followed them all out PPV last Labor Day weekend. We have heard such news of Tony Khan His contract is a buyout negotiationAnd September 4-5 saw men on the other side of the event Back to the television.

Punk is recovering from this as well a serious injuryIn 2022 he suffered from one of two. In light of all this, here’s the latest update on his status with AEW Wrestling Observer Newsletter Makes sense:

At this point, on Punk’s side, the belief is that Tony Khan is putting Punk on ice for the time being, as there is no idea of ​​using him that has been presented but there has been no talk of late to release him.

There’s been no hint of a thaw in the relationship between AEW and their two-time world champions, but that hasn’t dampened hopes among fans – and At least one person Currently employed by Tony Khan – the punk could return to the fold at some point after healing his torn left tricep.

And this update will not snuff anything out. There’s no point in making a creative pitch for someone who’s probably not available until may. If anything, the lack of talk of a release or any other kind of acquisition could be interpreted as good news.

Stay tuned.

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