Tony Khan Announces Plans for Jay Briscoe Tribute Show – Wrestling Inc.

AEW/ROH will be shooting a special tribute show in honor of the late Jay Briscoe 1/18 “AEW Dynamite” in Fresno, California.

According to AEW/ROH owner Tony Khan, a “special ROH tribute to the late great Jay Briscoe” will be available “for everyone.” Honor Club streaming service. In a follow-up tweet, Khan clarified that the show will not be limited to existing Honor Club subscribers and will also be made available ROH’s YouTube channel.

“Free for all means free, it’ll be free (not behind a paywall) in the Honor Club, + we’ll be posting the tribute show in its entirety on ROH YouTube, also free for all, because tonight the crew will come together for a tribute to the late great Jay Briscoe shoot special ROH events,” Khan wrote on Twitter.

Live episode of ‘Dynamite’ last night Jay opened with a graphic tribute, following which several wrestlers paid tribute to their beloved late colleagues. While the likes of Jay Lethal and Best Friends wore black armbands, The Young Bucks wore armbands that read “Jay ❤️”. Additionally, Matt and Nick Jackson performed the Doomsday Device during their match against the Top Flight, a tribute to The Briscoes — who performed a modified version of the top rope move popularized by the iconic Road Warriors.

Bryan Danielson and Bandido wore “J” armbands during their matches.

Fans who aren’t aware of Briscoe’s legendary career can visit the Honor Club to see Five best matches Careers of late wrestlers, ranked by Wrestling Inc.

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