Tony Khan addresses FTR’s AEW status

Dax Harwood’s FTR Recently announced that he and partner Cash Wheeler Time is given from AEW And they won’t appear on television for several months as they consider their options before their contracts expire in April.

Harwood floated the idea of ​​working as a tag team exclusively on the independent scene for the rest of that year even though they had plenty of options, whether it was signing with AEW, going full-time. NJPW or go back WWE Now that Triple H WWE’s booking is underway.

AEW President Tony Khan appeared on Click Podcast to address FTR’s future with the company. Prior to their hiatus, Top Guerra lost five consecutive tag team matches and dropped ROHIWGP and AAA World Tag Team Championships.

Tony Khan at FTR

“Well, I hope to see FTR back,” Khan said. “A team needs some time to recover from one of the most intense years in wrestling. The schedules they’ve gone through, the different places they’ve worked – they’ve worked all over the world and won championships all over the world.”

Khan hired them to work all over the world, including the United States, London, Japan and Mexico. He also praised them for their performance in the ROH Final Battle Dog Collar match against the Briscoes.

“That was, to me, one of the wildest, most brutal wrestling matches I’ve ever seen, and that was for the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championship. This follows many other insane matches for FTR.

So, I think, for those guys, we want to see them back in AEW and get them healthy and back to 100%. We are really looking forward to that, hopefully. I think they’re a great team, and we’d love to have them back.

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