They’re Next: WWE Discusses Bringing Back Two Former Champions –

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They too? WWE has had a number of returns in recent months, and those returns look set to continue. After dozens of wrestlers were released from the company over the past two years, they’re being brought back all kinds of. It made for some interesting moments and now it looks like WWE has their eyes on bringing back more former champions.

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According to Fightful Select, WWE is internally discussing bringing back writers Payne, Akame and Razor. The team are former Raw and NXT Tag Team Champions and wrestled for WWE from 2016-2020 when they were released. No word on whether the team is interested in returning or if they’ve been approached about making one. Neither has wrestled since their release, although the team announced their own independent promotion, which never ran its primary event.

The team was pretty great when they were around. Check out what the team has done in WWE:

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