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In 2002, Dawn began a relationship with Mary Tori Wilson’s real-life father, Al Wilson. Soon after, Dawn Marie becomes engaged to Al Wilson but Torrie gives Wilson an ultimatum that she will break off the engagement if Torrie spends the night with her in a hotel room. Coming out of the Attitude Era, WWE still aimed itself at a teenage male audience, and this was especially true of the Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie storyline.

Dawn Marie showed footage of this hotel room meetup at Armageddon 2002 and fans were shocked by what happened. Torrie Wilson rudely meets Dawn Marie at the hotel and fans watch as Dawn Marie slowly and seductively strips Torrie down to her underwear before engaging in a full on make out session … then Al Wilson interrupts and it’s revealed that the whole thing was to humiliate Torrie. For Don Mary had a plot.

The segment, and the entire feud itself, surprisingly hasn’t aged very well. The sexual tension of this feud was in WWE’s trash. Not to mention the bad taste of Al Wilson’s kayfabe death (he died of a heart attack after having sex with Don Marie on their honeymoon) makes fans think this whole storyline is best left in the past.

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