The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt commented on their Raw 30 moment

Monday’s 30th anniversary edition WWE Raw was an eventful show. Perhaps the most buzz-worthy moment of the 3-hour marathon broadcast was the head-to-head confrontation The Undertaker And bray watt.

The dead man whispered something in Wyatt’s ear that had a profound effect on the sound eater. Watt took a moment on social media Tuesday morning to share his feelings about the interaction with his fans.

Wyatt says that one moment with The Undertaker at Raw 30 “justified the sacrifice of a lifetime” for him. Whatever you want to say about Wyatt’s WWE character, you have to agree: he’s unique. This uniqueness brings adversity, in which people encourage him to change and affirm. He resisted these calls, and now feels confident that he hasn’t compromised himself to fit someone else’s narrative.

The interaction with Bray Wyatt on Raw was also meaningful for Undertaker. He echoed the sentiment that pro wrestling is all about moments. He’s created countless moments throughout his legendary career, but his brief encounter with Wyatt was one he’ll remember for a long time.

Many see the interaction between The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt as the passing of the torch. Taker has been WWE’s resident supernatural character since arriving on the scene in November 1990. Many others have come and gone, but none have pulled it off quite like The Undertaker.

They’ve worked together before, notably in a feud that eventually ended WrestleMania 31. The Undertaker publicly expressed his respect for Wyatt, his creativity, and his personality. He called Wyatt an “extraordinary talent” who has a lot to offer the industry.

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