The No Ropes Catch Wrestling match for MLW Superfight 2023 has been announced

Posted by: Ben Jordan Kerin on Jan 25, 2023

The No Ropes Catch Wrestling match for MLW Superfight 2023 has been announced

Major League Wrestling On February 4 MLW announced a No Ropes Catch Wrestling match for Superfight 2023. Davey Boy Smith Jr. takes on Alex Kane at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.

Announcement from MLW:

Major League Wrestling today announced the No Ropes Catch Wrestling match: Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Alex Kane (with Mr. Thomas) at MLW SuperFight’23 on Saturday, February 4 at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.

Tickets start at $15 at and the 2300 Arena Box Office.

The first-ever no-ropes catch wrestling match in MLW history went down the following Saturday in South Philadelphia when Davey Boy Smith Jr. clashed with Bombay Fight Club captain Alex Kane.

The ring ropes will come down as the two best grapplers square off in a catch-a-catch-can clash for the ages.

The true origin of MMA and No Holds Barred Fighting, no ropes catch wrestling bouts with no rounds and no rules.

Famous for its brutal submissions (“hooks”) and incorporating several English wrestling styles, catch wrestling is a violent form of combat sport. In Catch Wrestling, expect to see some of the most brutal tosses and suplexes ever. No wrestling hold or move is prohibited, no matter how dangerous.

Catch wrestling, a grappling method and fighting style, was developed by JG Chambers of Britain in 1878. Wigan’s Billy Riley’s Snake Pit produced some of the sport’s greatest ever catch wrestlers, including Billy Robinson.

A disciple of catch wrestling, Davey Boy Smith Jr. trained under some of the all-time greats and is considered the torch bearer for this elite fighting style. Now, British Bulldogs captain Bomay challenges the brash leader of the fight club to any other fight in MLW history.

Will the Bulldogs submit and tap Alex Cain?

Will Alex Kane suplex third generation Davey Davey Boy Smith Jr. into the crowd?

Find out live Saturday night, February 4th at MLW SuperFight’23 in Philadelphia!

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