The Iron Sheik drags Hulk Hogan over mic issues on WWE RAW

Hulk Hogan took pro wrestling into the mainstream in the eighties with his larger than life persona. The Hulkster reinvented himself in the mid-nineties with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. It’s safe to say that Hogan’s influence on pro wrestling and its fans is huge.

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Hulk Hogan kicked off the 30th anniversary edition of Monday Night RAW tonight in Philadelphia. The Hulkster welcomed the crowd with longtime manager Jimmy Hart by his side. Hulk’s mic, however, was dropped during promotion and had to be replaced with a new one.

One of Hogan’s earliest and most feared rivals, The Iron Sheik, was also watching the show. The former WWE champion took to Twitter and pulled the Hulkster for the mic error. Check out the tweet here:

Hulk Hogan even the microphone thinks you’re a Jabroni #RAWisXXX

The Iron Sheik’s animosity towards Hogan has no end in sight. The greatest heel of all time never misses an opportunity to drag out the Hulkster. stay tuned Ringside News For more from the world of pro wrestling.

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