The controversial former WWE Superstar has reached out to return despite his disparaging comments about Triple H

The 30th anniversary of Monday Night RAW was nothing short of a mixed bag, spanning thirty years of the flagship show’s history. While it had some incredible highs, there were also several lows during the show. That being said, it looks like a controversial former WWE Superstar has been approached for a return.

Triple H took over as head of WWE creative after Vince McMahon’s brief retirement last year. The game changes several aspects of the company, which fans love.

He brought back several superstars who were released earlier. Renee Dupree signed with WWE in 2002 and made her main roster debut exactly one year later. Dupree spent four years as an active in-ring star on Monday Night RAW and SmackDown.

Rene Dupree finally asked for his release in 2007 and has not returned to the company since. While speaking in his latest episode, Dr At Cafe de Ren podcastDupree claimed that WWE asked him to return to the company.

“I was contacted by WWE. Well, an agent contacted someone I’ve known for years and that person contacted me. But that’s not in the cards. I’m sorry everyone. But yes, they (…) I mean, I still keep it a secret but anyway, there was a discussion.”

During a previous episode of her podcast, Renee Dupree talked about her time working with Triple H. He called The Game a ‘dick’ among other things.

“I thought he was ad*ck. [Did he say something in particular that pissed you off?] Oops, just a **hole. But very few times, but there are times like a few times, and I noticed that every time he wants to compliment me it means a lot. Because he always makes these offhand comments like a snob** king, doesn’t he? Then when he actually complimented me, I was like, ‘Wow! It’s very good.’ And he, you know. But overall, he was ad

We’ll have to wait and see if Renee Dupree ever returns to the company. By the looks of it, that can’t happen anytime soon.

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