The AEW star shows off his incredible physical transformation

AEW Star Fuego del Sol shows off her new bulked-up body.

Wrestlers can get attention for their skills and charisma in the wrestling business. However, their physical appearance can significantly affect their career. A person’s physical appearance and health can help them preserve their career and possibly get more opportunities.

FDS Posted a video On Twitter this week to show off the results of the last six months of hard work. Thanks to a new fitness program at Modern Wellness Center, he’s added 15 pounds of muscle in the past six months.

Fuego Del Sol status with AEW

Sol is still signed with AEW, although he hasn’t been seen on TV. The company has used Sol in several programs, but it is, unfortunately, not consistent. His last appearance AEW Dynamite was a loss against Luchasurus on October 5, 2022. Although he does not often compete in AEW Dynamite or Rampage, he does compete for several independent promotions.

He competed against Alan Angels at Pandemonium: Pro Wrestling’s Holiday in Hollywood on December 4, 2022. Sol put in a great effort but ultimately lost the match. Fans can watch the entire event with Sol IWTV For ten dollars.

Soule is advertised to compete against Justin Fowler on February 25 at Rugged Pro Wrestling. It’s unclear when his next AEW appearance will be or if the company has creative plans for him. However, she seems to be in good spirits and has been busy with her indie dates and workout program.

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