Steve McLean talks about him and Deonna Purazzo still focusing on wrestling

Steve McLean and Deonna Purozzo are still very much in the pro wrestling business.

The Impact Wrestling star recently spoke with Darren Paltrowitz for an interview on The Paltrocast and talked about how he and his wife are still very focused on their respective pro wrestling careers.

Below are some highlights of the interview where he touched on the subject with his thoughts.

How is he looking to get a psychology degree: “Yeah, if you don’t have 100% of the business, that’s — the schedule we have, it’s very relaxed in effect, which is nice. I can do outside things. Right now, I’m finishing up my studies. Getting a psychology degree is down the road. Whatever, but all my focus is on pro wrestling,” Steve said. 24/7 [We talk about] stupid idea We’ll randomly walk through the room and grab somebody and say, ‘Hey, what do you think of this? Can you do it? Or is it?’ I don’t know we’re weird.”

How he and Deona are still focused on wrestling: “One thing we do is we care. My wife [Deonna Purrazzo] For example. Only, we think deeply about what we do. We want to make the best possible match. Whether we win or lose, we want the fans to enjoy what we do and that’s what I keep in mind. [making fans] Suspend that disbelief and trust the fans that’s what I’m doing out there. Whether they know the outcome or not, or guess the outcome, I want to take those twists and turns where they don’t see anything coming. Building it and trying to change it is part of the fun for me now.”

Watch the full Steve McLean interview via the embedded YouTube player below. H/T to for transcribing the quote above.

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