Spoiler: IMPACT tapings from January 20th – Debut of former NXT talent – Diva Dart

*Please note this article contains spoilers from the most recent tapings of Impact Wrestling*

IMPACT Wrestling’s most recent taping was on January 20 and will have its second night of taping on January 21.

In the first set of tapings, a former NXT talent debuted for the Knockouts division. Steph De Lander, formerly known as Persia Pirota, made her in-ring debut against him Jordyn Grace.

Other parts of the taping courtesy of @MrJacobCohen – (results will be listed once received)

  • Giselle Shaw w/Joy Vidal Vs Savannah Evans
  • Bully Ray came out and was upset because he wasn’t part of the number one contender’s match. Says that both Santino Marella and Tommy Dreamer don’t like him. Says Dreamer is the biggest fake in the business. Knockout World Champion Mickey James Goes out to confront the bully.
  • Mickey and Bully continue to trade words. Mickey says because Bully ruined his celebration he’s going to interrupt him. He asked Bully to get out of IMPACT and he has been a political snake his entire career. Bully says he’s not afraid to rip the smile off his face. Mickey slaps the bully. Bully slaps Mickey. Dreamer makes the save for Mickie.
  • Mickey & Dreamer vs. John Skyler & Jason Hotch is next on the show. Bully is banned from ringside.
  • Killer Kelly and Taylor Wilde vs. The Death Dollz
  • Father James Mitchell comes out and says it’s been too long Rosemary Tributes to her boss (Rosemary’s father). So Mitchell comes to put a hex on him. of hex Who is Alisin? And Marty Belle Attack the Death Dollz from the crowd.

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