Some positives: Great news on the recovery of Jay Briscoes’ daughters –

Photo courtesy of Jay Briscoe’s Facebook page

This is a big step. The saddest wrestling story of the year is the death of Jay Briscoe, who died in a car accident earlier this week. Briscoe’s death was gruesome enough, but on top of that, his two daughters were also seriously injured. Now though there is an update on their status and in this case, it’s something much more positive for a change.

Josh Wharton, a family friend of the Briscoes, Upload a live stream Friday with an update on Briscoe’s girls. 12-year-old Gracie has regained movement in her lower limbs for the first time since the accident. He has also been weaned off his IV medication and is recovering. Jayleigh, 9 years old, now has a back brace and will be able to recover from her injury in the next few weeks. The hospital hoped his NG tube could be removed on Saturday, allowing him to eat and drink as normal.

Here’s something a little easier to take. Check out what the Briscoes can do in the ring:

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