Some educated guesses about the surprise Royal Rumble entrants

After weeks of focusing on board room drama, stock prices and potential lawsuits, I hope you’ll mind if I return this week to have some fun. We’re only eight days away from my favorite event of the year and I’m excited to see what Triple H and company have up their sleeves. Especially after a new report indicates that we’re in for more than a few surprises.

Many were at least confused by WWE’s decision to announce Cody Rhodes’ return early, worried that they had ruined the biggest surprise for this year’s match. But let’s be honest, would anyone be surprised if Cody returned to the Rumble?

The answer is no. and according to A new reportWWE was well aware fans were expecting American Nightmare to return after his pectoral tear last year.

“A source was asked if there was any surprise behind announcing Cody’s Rumble return.

Sources say it’s twofold, one is that almost everyone expected it to happen already, and two, sources say they’re “more than happy” with the other surprises lined up.

Okay then. Things got a little more interesting the weekend ahead.

I was very pleased to read this article From Resolvotes. For one thing, the surprises are among the best things about the whole event. You never really know who’s going to show up. And secondly, I think we can all agree, WWE owes us after last year’s debacle, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I would never hate one Bad rabbit lookBut beyond that the men’s match last year was a complete mess – fueled by everyone Backstage drama involving Shane McMahon. Not to mention, the match itself became meaningless in the long run. Something I’ve written countless times, so I won’t rehash it here.

Bottom line, WWE knows they have to deliver big time this year. So, who can we see making their return to the ring in San Antonio?

There are some logical choices, which are actually a bit obvious when you think about it, but those are some of the big time names that could set up some marquee WrestleMania matches in town. Here are a few possibilities.

Note: I am not reporting that any of the following Superstars will appear at the Royal Rumble. I’m just making educated guesses.

John Cena

the peacock

The 16-time world champion waited until his last possible chance to compete in a match in 2022, thus keeping his wrestling streak alive and well in WWE every year for the past 20 years. I have a feeling he won’t be waiting 21 years to stretch these amazing legs.

Like anyone else further down the list, his extremely busy schedule makes it very difficult to predict any WWE appearance (especially one that involves an actual match), but I believe we will see John Cena enter his first Rumble match. 2018.

His chances of conquering and challenging the Roman Empire are slim. But fear not Cenation. According to recent reports, John A has a date with a champion WrestleMania 39, It is not just tribal chiefs.

Wrestling Observer Said Cena was penciled in for a match against United States Champion Austin Theory

This match is over the rumor And hints For a while now in June, Theory basically told Cena to his face that he’s a washed-up old man on the 20th anniversary of his WWE debut. Fast forward to just a few weeks ago, and “The Champ” hinted at it not so subtly raw.

I mean, come on one. “Here” is the same tone, speed, introduction and pitch changes we’ve heard from John Cena about a million times in his career. Gotta give the kid some credit, he nailed it.

With Theory already announced for the Rumble match, there’s a chance to give the main rob by eliminating the 25-year-old Cena and giving him weeks of promo material to set up their final showdown in April.

However, as one of my bosses drilled into my head, nothing is a thing until it is a thing. Plans fluctuate and change constantly.

There are several other names that have been floated as possible opponents for Cena Struggling election reports that Cody Rhodes and Logan Paul are among them. Of course, there’s always the possibility that Triple H decides to tease us with a big-time dream match.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Imagine this for a moment. It’s all about points during the Royal Rumble match. There are about 10-12 superstars in the ring, many of whom have been there for a hot minute. The crowd is starting to thin out a bit and could use a little pick-me-up.

The clock starts counting from 10, 9… comes down to 3… 2… 1… Buzzer goes off. There is a moment of silence. And then that iconic glass breaks.

I can’t imagine how loud it would be inside the Alamodome with over 30,000 people losing their minds. Austin hits the ring. A stunning one.


Another surprise.


Another surprise.


All right. I’ll stop, but you get my point. Austin helps clear the ring until only two men are left. Stone Cold and John Cena – stare each other down, soaking up the crowd’s electricity before finally trading blows. A moment truly comparable to Hogan vs. The Rock WrestleMania X8.

Even if we don’t get to see Austin and Cena lock-up in Los Angeles, if done right, the exchange should be enough for fans who are dying to see the battle of this generation, only played out in video games.

Anyone who follows the Texas Rattlesnake on social media knows that In great shape And wrestling fans have been hungry for another Stone Cold Mudder after the rave reviews he received for his match against Kevin Owens in Dallas last year.

I think Austin has a better than good chance to fire up the Texas crowd once again.



Sasha Banks, now known as Mercedes Mone, may not be returning to WWE anytime soon, but the buzz within the company is that Naomi will return sometime in the near future.

We haven’t seen the former SmackDown Women’s Champion since she was out on an episode rawWith Sasha, over creative differences. A new report Said happened last May, coming in the middle of contract negotiations that were apparently leading to a big payday for Naomi.

If WWE is willing to invest financially in Naomi, my hope is that they are willing to do so creatively upon her return.

It’s a phrase that gets thrown around far too often, but Naomi is truly one of the most underutilized talents in the locker room over the past few years. Even when she was the SmackDown Women’s Champion, she never had the opportunity to put on a marquee program to win her title. She fought Charlotte to a draw and had a series of televised defenses against Lana before dropping the belt to Natalya. summerslam.

Naomi is exactly what Smackdown needs at this point. The blue brand has a lot of talent in its women’s division, but it’s in dire need of someone who ends up with the audience and can help elevate others in the locker room.

Also, if Ronda Rousey is indeed out of the title picture for the foreseeable future, then Charlotte needs an opponent for WrestleMania. If WWE can put Naomi to paper on a new contract, they should strongly consider having her win the whole damn thing in San Antonio and fight the queen for the SmackDown Women’s Championship in Los Angeles.

Chelsea Green and Matt Cardona

Chelsea Green appears to be considering her return to Texas. he allegedly has been under contract with the company for some time and is awaiting creative plans before returning to TV.

If WWE wants to throw in a few surprises at the Women’s Royal Rumble, the former Impact Knockouts World Champion is a card they can definitely play. Over the past few weeks, Green himself has been hinting on social media that he is returning to WWE. The most recent hint that he will be seen next Saturday night.

Clearly, Green can have some fun here. Maybe he really is stuck in creative purgatory. Or maybe she’s just waiting for her husband to return to the company.

Personally, I think adding Green and Matt Cardona as a power couple would be a very smart way to go in WWE.

Cardona has been on an incredible run since his WWE debut, competing across Impact, NWA, GCW and others over the past few years. However, there have been rumblings of Cardona returning to the place he called home for 15 years, and that speculation has increased recently.

Earlier this week, Cardona filed to trademark the name “Jack Ryder,” which (for those who don’t know) is the in-ring name used during his time in WWE. What that might possibly mean, is anyone’s guess.

Cardona has been busy, competing in Impact Wrestling last week Hard to kill In a four-way elimination match for the Tag Team Championship. The former Intercontinental Champion has not ruled out a possible return to WWE, but there are no reports that he has signed a new contract.

Whether he ultimately does or not, there is always the possibility that Cardona will enter as a “forbidden door”. I think he is definitely someone to look out for Royal Rumble.


Well, here’s the (great) one you’ve been waiting to read. It’s the worst kept secret in wrestling that WWE is hoping to book an epic Night 2 main event at WrestleMania 39. Roman Reigns is defending his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against his real-life cousin and Hollywood superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

However, with only one world champion on the roster, the winner of the 2023 men’s Royal Rumble match is guaranteed a spot on the grandest stage. Either Triple H needs to get very creative and work it out somehow or The Rock needs to be booked for two matches instead of one.

Given his schedule, it would seem highly unlikely, but that’s not stopping fans from reading the tea leaves and believing themselves about the great man’s imminent return.

It’s certainly a possibility that WWE uses the Roman Reigns recognition event on Raw XXX as a catalyst to bring in the most famous member of the Anoa’i family. Not saying he’ll be on that show, but something might happen that inspires him to book a flight to San Antonio.

Fans get excited when WWE releases new Rock merchandise.

Before you get your hopes up like Miss Undisputed Sunshine here, the new Wrestling Observer Newsletter threw away A large bucket of cold water The Rock vs. Reigns is underway at WrestleMania.

This report means one of two things. There’s a huge difference between being in shape, which The Rock obviously is, and being in-ring shape. Rock may be genuinely concerned that his cardio isn’t where it needs to be for a match that matches the hype.

Or… it’s a giant smoke screen to make people doubt the obvious. If it is, it’s a smart play. If even a small fraction of the audience convinces themselves he won’t be there, it will make The Rock’s return even better. WWE wants his involvement to be as secretive as possible.

All I’ll say is, unless it’s the aforementioned Stone Cold or John Cena, I feel sorry for The Rock entering the Rumble at number 30. They are going to hear it from 30,000 strong. Austin might want to reserve that space for theory.

What do you think we’ll see as a surprise entrant at the Royal Rumble? Let us know in the comments section below. You can also follow Rick Ucchino Twitter and subscribe Bleav on the Pro Wrestling Podcast Channel For his further work.

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