SmackDown commentator makes pitch for movie about Bloodline – Wrestling Inc.

Fractures were featured in The Bloodline The recent “Raw Is XXX” show when Sami Zain was brought to justice by Roman Reigns, which made for an exciting opening segment full of drama. Paul Heyman testified against “Honorary Uce,” And this led to Reigns first asking Solo Sequoia to take Zayn. However, Jey Uso came to the rescue and provided counter-evidence, which ultimately saved Zayn.

The segment showcases brilliant acting by everyone involved. Such performances have been a key factor throughout the layered storyline, as the promos and behind-the-scenes segments have been the driving force. This is one thing “WWE SmackDown” commentator Wade Barrett He highlighted getting the chance to watch the show.

Barrett tweeted: “Watching the opening Bloodline segment from last night’s #RawXXX (side note: West Coast tape delayed!). I could watch an entire feature-length movie with those six characters. Setting new industry standards for chops and drama. #WWERAW”

Reigns gave Zayn one more chance and demanded that he step up that night, which he did. Zayn replaced the injured Jimmy Uso (in storyline) and partnered with Jey to help retain the “WWE Raw” Tag Team Championship against The Judgment Day. However, the “Tribal Chief” made it clear that he does not want to see Zayn on “WWE SmackDown” this Friday and that his biggest test will come at Saturday’s Royal Rumble Premium live event.

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