Shawn Michaels says the hour-long match with John Cena was easy

Shawn Michaels is definitely one of the best in-ring performers to ever grace a WWE ring. He is called Mr. WrestleMania, and he truly lived up to the moniker. He went through many battles in the square, some more difficult than others. In fact, Michaels claimed that his hour-long match with John Cena was easy.

Showstopper faces off against the best of the pro wrestling world. This includes his iconic matches with the likes of Kurt Angle and The Undertaker. He has plenty of memories in the ring with John Cena.

One of Shawn Michaels’ best matches took place against John Cena on the April 23, 2007 episode of “WWE Raw” in the UK. Michaels defeated Cena in a 56-minute match

This was just weeks after WrestleMania 23, where Cena defeated Michaels and retained his WWE Championship. The match received a lot of praise from fans and pro wrestlers alike.

time to talk The Bump of WWE, Shawn Michaels Recalling what he believed was the toughest part of his match against Cena. Regardless, Michaels believed the match was still too easy.

“The hardest thing is, ‘Geez man, we’ve only been here 13 days. This tour is over and John and I have to go an hour. No, look, there’s no better guy than John, honestly, and I’ll say this — It sounds weird, but because, you know, it’s not a whole hour and you feel like you’re in your mind, even though you’re not dealing with commercial breaks, it’s not, it was really easy.

John is a dream to work with, John and I get along really well,” said Michaels. “It was a fantastic night and I had a chemistry with John that was effortless … it was absolutely a piece of cake because, you know, it was so much fun.”

Shawn Michaels too Recently said he would never wrestle again. Michaels is fully invested in his current role in NXT, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Regardless, his contribution to business will forever be remembered. As for John Cena, he’s pretty easy to find these days given his high-profile place in Hollywood.

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