Shawn Michaels Says Iconic Raw Match With John Cena Was “Easy”

John Cena May have been vilified by fans over the years for his inability to wrestle, but that hasn’t stopped him and Shawn Michaels From wearing a classic in 2007.

of that year WrestleManiaCena holds on WWE Championship against Michaels in the main event a year after defeating Michaels’ best friend Triple H In the exhibition.

In a non-title rematch meeting on the April 23, 2007 edition of Raw, Michaels and Cena wrestled for about an hour before Shawn won to sweet chin music.


The Cena-Michaels match lasted nearly an hour (including commercial breaks) and was heralded by many as one of the best matches in Raw history.

time to talk WWE’s The Bump, Michaels recalled the match with the 16-time WWE World Champion.

“It’s the end of the tour and John and I have an hour to go. No, look, there’s no better guy than John, to be honest, and I’ll say this – it sounds weird, but because, you know, it’s not a whole hour and you feel like you’re in your mind, even though you’re working on commercial breaks. Not doing it, it wasn’t, it was really easy.”

Shawn Michaels

Michaels would later face Cena in a Fatal Four-Way at WWE Backlash 2007 (which included edge And Randy Orton) which Cena would win.

John Cena

It took a long time for fans to come around to appreciating John Cena’s talent in the ring (many still don’t.)

Addressing the WWE icon, Michaels called Cena a dream to share the ring with.

“John is a dream to work with, John and I got on really well. It was a fantastic night and I had a chemistry with John that was effortless … it was absolutely a piece of cake because, you know, it was so much fun.”

Shawn Michaels.

Cena is next expected to compete for WWE at WrestleMania 39, with rumored opponents Austin theory And Logan Paul.

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