Shawn Michaels gets pulled for not selling rice

Shawn Michaels is undoubtedly one of the best in-ring performers to ever step foot inside a WWE ring. He is called Mr. WrestleMania, and he truly lived up to the moniker. That being said, Michaels has recently been criticized for not selling rice in the past.

However, as many fans know by now, Shawn Michaels was a completely different person in the 90s than he is now. Michaels’ behind-the-scenes malice and insufferable personality is now well-documented.

In fact, Vince McMahon claimed that Shawn Michaels He owes Triple H his life. Michaels faced off against the best of the best in the pro wrestling world. This includes his iconic matches with the likes of Kurt Angle and The Undertaker.

time to talk Snake Pit, Jake Roberts says that Shawn Michaels is an exceptional performer. He then went on to criticize The Heartbreak Kid for not selling rice in the ring.

“I knew the kid was going to make it,” Roberts said. “I didn’t know he would get to where he did. I don’t think there could be anyone [predicted that]. It was only a one-in-a-million shot that he would ever get that kind of shock, but he got it for whatever reason. He was great, no doubt, but I don’t know. I don’t like it when a guy goes in the ring and doesn’t sell.”

Ironically enough, it seems Shawn Michaels was overselling during his infamous match with Hulk Hogan at SummerSlam 2005. Regardless, Michaels is now retired and focused on making NXT a great brand and many of the young superstars of tomorrow are benefiting from his teachings every day.

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