Seravalli: Maple Leafs interested in Jake McCabe, Matthew Nice not ‘untouchable’

Seravalli: Maple Leafs interested in Jake McCabe, Matthew Nice not ‘untouchable’

The season of speculation and rumors is upon us, and that means plenty of talk surrounding what the Maple Leafs might do before the NHL trade deadline.

We’re almost a month in and it looks like Toronto may have their eye on some interesting pieces.

DailyFaceOff’s Frank Serravalli joins TNL’s Nick Alberga on Friday’s editionLeafs take the morning‘ to discuss where the Maple Leafs could target their roster beef. Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Jack McCabe’s name has been released.

“The Blackhawks got a lot of calls for him,” Seravalli said. “He has a seven-team no-trade list. Other teams called include the Edmonton and Los Angeles Kings.

“Here’s the thing with McCabe — his seven-team no-trade list — you say, ‘Well why seven teams? It probably includes seven Canadian teams for an American-born defenseman.’ But I’m told the Maple Leafs are the only team not on that list, as are six other Canadian teams.

“Interestingly enough, I think they’ve shown some interest in him going back in a way,” Seravalli added, “and it becomes interesting from Toronto’s perspective: If you can lure the Chicago Blackhawks, who have cap space?, Jack To keep McCabe’s half and get him $2-million a year for each of the next two years?

“He’s probably already playing at the $4-million level. Yes, there is risk in injury history, there is risk with any player. But at $2-million a year, it gives you some serious cost-assurance at a time when the Leafs’ back end really needs it.”

McCabe is a 29-year-old left-shot defenseman who has spent time on the top pairing with Chicago’s Seth Jones this year.

Seravalli has updated his NHL trade target list with several intriguing names. His article lists 30 players who could be transferred and some of them could be linked to the Maple Leafs.

Seravalli went on to discuss several other players, including one of the Maple Leafs’ top prospects, Matthew Nice, and whether he could become an untouchable.

“One is not untouchable,” Seravalli said. “I think (he’s) somebody that the Leafs definitely value. But, I believe, if the right deal comes along, and I think if you’re the Leafs right now, you’ve got to include almost anybody in the future. It’s a burning boat-type year.”

Another name discussed on the show is Timo Meyer and Bo Horvath, who were linked with plenty of teams last week. Seravalli didn’t mention whether the Maple Leafs targeted them, though they would each be interesting additions.

TLN’s managing editor, John Stetzer, also published a rumor article today. He also wrote the names Conor Garland, Tyler Bertuzzi and more on Horvat.

If you want to see the wholeTake the Leafs in the morning‘ Joined by Serravalli with Alberga, it will be linked below.

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