Santino Marella explains how he can use his ring name with Impact Wrestling

Santino Marella has made a name for himself In the late 2000s to early 2010s in WWE, where he was primarily booked as a joke character. Thanks to his exaggerated Italian accent, his scowl and perfect comedic timing, Marella was over in no time. He eventually left WWE and is now a part of Impact Wrestling. He can use his ring name for a good reason.

During Impact Wrestling’s Hard to Kill pay-per-view, Santino Marella made his hideous appearance at the eventHe faced Moose after the former Impact World Champion used unfair means to defeat Impact Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry.

Santino Marella revealed himself as the new director of The Authority and restarted the match, helping Hendry get the win. Impact Wrestling took to its Instagram and officially announced Marella’s signing. He is now officially with the company.

time to talk “The Dave Van Auken Show” Santino Marella revealed how he was able to use his ring name outside of WWE. It appears that WWE has not renewed the Santino Marella trademark.

Scott [D’Amore]as a habit, when he gets ex-WWE guys, he goes and checks the trademark,” Marella revealed. “There’s only one habit, and he finds out in 2021 WWE hasn’t renewed the Santino Marella trademark. So, Scott jumps at it. IMPACT Wrestling now owns the Santino Marella trademark. So, that’s why a lot of people, when I came out and said, ‘I’m Santino Marella,’ they were like, ‘Oh, how can he use that?’

We’ll have to wait and see how Santino Marella fares as the Authority’s new manager at Impact Wrestling. Still, fans are definitely glad to see Marella back in a pro wrestling company.

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