Sami Zayn: WWE Champion “Not Totally Unreal”

Sami Jain Bloodline may have honorary use, but recent comments may jeopardize that position

Zayn has been with the group for almost a year now and has regularly helped other team members in matches.

There was some tension with the Canadian wrestler’s team, especially last year with Jey Uso who didn’t believe he belonged.

Become the WWE Champion

As a member of the bloodline, Jaune’s role is to protect the undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Empire from all potential rivals.

With that in mind, Zayn himself dreams of becoming WWE’s top champion, as he explained Detroit News.

“When you get around to it and you’re in the ring with the WWE title, it makes you think, well, I’m already here, maybe it’s not totally unrealistic to win. It will definitely be a cherry on top of everything else. If it happens, great. It would still be great if that didn’t happen.”

Sami Jain

Zayn’s former best friend Kevin Owens Roman Reigns will face off next weekend for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Royal Rumble.

Although Zayn has yet to be announced for the men’s Rumble match, some are considering him a dark-horse favorite in the 30-man bout.

A reflection on his career

Before coming to WWE in 2013, Zayn worked as El Generico in various promotions and had a lot of success both in and out of the mask.

Reflecting on what he’s accomplished, Sami is proud of what he’s accomplished, even though he doesn’t yet have a WWE World Title reign to his name.

“Whatever happens, I’m fine. It could end tomorrow, and knock on wood, I really hope it doesn’t, but I’ll feel very complete and very satisfied with what I’ve done.”

Sami Jain

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