RVD Reflects on WWE’s Version of ECW’s “Lack of Excellence,” Vince McMahon Wearing a Durag (VIDEO)

If WWE’s version of ECW proved anything, it’s that it didn’t deserve to use the acronym “Extreme Championship Wrestling.”

Either way, Rob Van Dam believes.

“Mr. Monday Night” recently spoke with the folks at WrestlingNews.co for an interview, during which he shared his belief that WWE’s version of ECW “lacked intensity,” as well as Vince McMahon wearing a durag during the revived ECW days. was reflected.

Below are some highlights of the interview where he touches on these topics along with his thoughts

How the new ECW lacked extremism: “I have a very balanced feeling about it because I have pros and cons that I feel. At that time, especially when I was in a competitive state like being in the dressing room, [I’m] It’s like the writers are messing with me, for me, it’s a completely different state of mind then when I’m in this happy time of my life right now. At the time, I looked at it defensively from ECW. I thought he was mocking ECW, I thought he might bring ECW back to destroy it because he doesn’t like the fans being called ECW. I was like, ‘Wow man, this guy’s crazy, maybe he brought it right back to ..’ and he did, he totally nailed the extreme theme of it.”

In memory of that time, wearing durags like Vince McMahon: “So it was just like any other show, but they kept it low, low budget, low advertising. The house shows at the time were old ECW crap arenas from the mid-’90s, they’d do them again. Sometimes we’d have Smackdown the night after Smackdown. would film and there was some weird way that we had a split in their gate, which wasn’t really fair but I guess ECW wasn’t… yeah, it’s really weird. The end, supposedly all the numbers are whatever, but At the same time, I thought Vince looked really cool in Durag, I did. I liked it, I thought it was cool because you saw [him] Buff in black sweatsuit. I loved working with him. I had one match, three against one [against Vince, Shane, & Umaga], so that was fantastic. Something like that, makes me think that I was considered a lot higher than I thought at the time because it wouldn’t normally be something they would do in the midcard. [guy] Or whatever. Sometimes I think it’s really cool that I got to work with Vince and Shane and Umaga at that moment, so there’s that.”

Watch the full Rob Van Dam interview with WrestlingNews.co via the embedded YouTube player below. H/T to Fightful.com for transcribing the quote above.

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