Run It Back: WWE Sets Wheels For Successful Stable Reunion –

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One more time. The stables have been a major factor in WWE for decades now and they have been in modern times as well. The concept makes sense as it allows the large WWE roster to be somewhat consolidated, with different wrestlers being put together. This can mean a lot when a stable breakup happens and now we’re seeing a rather successful team reunion.

If you missed it:

Over the past few weeks, MVP has been trying to convince Bobby Lashley to reform Hart Business, but Lashley has turned him down each time. However, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Lashley has been pushing for a team reunion behind the scenes. As a result, wheels have been set in motion to reform the party, although it is unclear when this will happen or who will be involved. The group originally formed in May 2020, split in September 2021, reunited months later, and split for good in January 2022.

The team was definitely successful. Check out the team at work:

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