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WWE’s Royal Rumble event is fast approaching as it runs for a week from Saturday – January 28. The event will also include the sixth Royal Rumble match for the women as they begin their own match in 2018.

According to a recent report by Fightful Select, WWE had a set meeting to discuss the upcoming Rumble match. Fightful has been told that while several veterans have approached WWE about making a Rumble appearance, WWE is said to be leaning away from it in some cases in favor of what they are calling “untraditional surprises”. Not sure what that means, the creative was requesting a pitch for something like this. WWE was adamant about leaning out of the NXT name appearing in the Rumble match last year.

Fightful was also told that last week, former SmackDown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey was not scheduled for the Royal Rumble event, during which she lost the title, which is always subject to change. As of December, Rousey was scheduled for a singles match at the event.

Also, WWE has a lot of confidence in their women’s roster, as with the hiring and call-ups over the past year and how it will play out in the Royal Rumble match. Whereas last year, WWE had to call on a lot of veterans as the massive release left them with a small roster. This year’s Rumble match will be produced by TJ Wilson with assistance from Jason Cade. Last year, Wilson wasn’t around and WWE had to bring in Fit Finlay to help out.

This was also confirmed on last Monday’s Raw Alexa Bliss will be challenging Bianca Bellaire For the Raw Women’s Championship. At the time of this writing, a plan for the SmackDown Women’s Championship has not been confirmed however Charlotte Sonya has been feuding with Deville since Flair won the gold for her.

Confirmed so far for the Royal Rumble match –

  1. Liv Morgan
  2. Candice Lere
  3. Rhea Ripley
  4. Raquel Rodriguez

Diva Dart will post any other Royal Rumble news leading up to and through the event. Be sure to join the January 28th Royal Rumble discussion post to chat about the event!

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