Ricochet on recent injuries squared off, iconic WrestleMania moments, and more

In a recent interview, Dr Metro, former Intercontinental Champion Ricochet touched on several topics. He talked about a recent incident that saw him exposed during a miracle at the 34th Street Fight against the Imperium on an episode of SmackDown last month.

He followed up on the topic, revealing that he wanted to emulate an iconic moment from WrestleMania 13, and also shared his thoughts on the physical side of professional wrestling, while engaging with the likes of Gunter.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

Stone Cold – Ricochet on wanting to recreate the Bret Hart moment: “Honestly, since there was so much bleeding, obviously the doctors would come out and examine you. I was actually trying [copy] Stone Cold, WrestleMania 13, put it over my head, you know what I mean? They were like, ‘No, we can’t do that.’ Obviously ’cause they’re doctors, they’re like, ‘We need to make sure you’re OK, what are you doing?’ I’m like ‘Stop wiping the blood’, and they’re like, ‘No, we can’t, what are you doing?!’

Ricochet fear of injury: “I’ll be going 20 years now, which is pretty crazy. I think after doing this for so long, I think you can judge the severity of a situation. Honestly, I think it looked worse than that because of the blood and everything. Literally, it was healed within days, it was that easy! It was a freak accident, and it didn’t even hurt. I mean, it hurt, but I didn’t get knocked out and I didn’t see stars.”

Ricochet loves the physical aspect of pro wrestling: “‘It’s the thrill of the hunt or whatever. That feeling, I’m sure the same thing goes for boxers or MMA fighters, even for football, when you’re just sitting there looking at guys knowing that this 300lbs plus refrigerator is going to run right at you. Going. It’s definitely a different feeling being out there with the GUNTHERs and the Sheamus and the Bobby Lashleys and the Drew McIntyres. Especially being out there with someone like Gunter, who’s as physical as he is, human, pushing himself is great.”

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