Ricochet Braun Talks About Strowman Pairing, Internet Talks More About “Work Rate” Than Wrestlers

Ricochet recently spoke with the folks at Digital Spy to promote the upcoming WWE Royal Rumble 2023 pay-per-view scheduled for later this month in San Antonio, Texas.

During the discussion, WWE Superstar Braun talked about being paired with Strowman, as well as how the internet focuses more on the “work-rate” in the matches than the wrestlers themselves.

Below are some highlights of the interview where he touches on these topics along with his thoughts

About his pairing with Braun Strowman: “Braun was great. I’ve known Braun since I’ve been in WWE. He’s always been great, even now, he’s coming to help me on Imperium or Heat Row, and I’ve helped him. It’s been going great. Especially when It’s great when you and someone like Braun Strowman are on the same page. It’s always good to have a monster in your pocket, just in case. Things have been great. If he and I can start getting closer and get together as a tag team, it could be dangerous. .”

How the internet talks more about work rates than wrestlers: “I think the internet talks about it more than the wrestlers. The internet thinks more about it than the wrestlers. For the most part, everybody behind the scenes, they just want to do something together and make art work for you guys. I don’t think anybody really Someone else cares (about) a style. If you hear it, it’s usually more on the Internet than in the locker room.”

Watch the full Ricochet interview via the embedded YouTube player below. H/T from fight.com To paraphrase the above quotations.

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