Ric Flair says he doesn’t like women bleeding in professional wrestling

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair recently spoke on his “To Be The Man” podcast about a number of topics, including how he doesn’t like it when women bleed in pro wrestling and how he must see his daughter Charlotte Flair bleed. don’t want

Ric Flair says:

“I don’t like it. I mean, I guess everyone has their own opinion, but I definitely don’t want to see Charlotte bleed. I think there should be more with boys. Any way you look at it, how do you match two guys in a cage?”

Ric Flair also talked about how he doesn’t like it when female wrestlers compete in steel cage matches because it limits their abilities and their athleticism.

Ric Flair says:

“Ten years ago, every time we hit the cage, we bled. Now nothing happens. That’s one thing I don’t like. I definitely don’t like girls in cages because I think it limits their ability, their athleticism and their ability to do athletic things like off-the-top rope.”

You can check out WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair’s comments in the video below. H/T to WrestlingNews.co To paraphrase the above quotations.

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