Report: WWE has made changes to the Sami Zayn segment

Report: WWE has made changes to the Sami Zayn segment Image Credit: WWE

WWE’s 30th anniversary edition of Monday Night RAW is undergoing a major overhaul, viz is reporting that instead of Bloodline’s previously announced recognition event, Sami Zayn will be on trial for his mistake on SmackDown on Friday night.

The Bloodline recognition ceremony, which was set to include members of past generations of that dynasty, was initially announced a week ago, and was rumored to include various WWE Hall of Famers, including Afa, Sika, Rikishi and Samu. However, PWInsider’s report says that plan has been scrapped, and a “trial” has been set up instead.

While WWE did not confirm the report, shortly after it was published, the company announced that Sami Zayn would have a trial on Monday night. They didn’t mention the Bloodline recognition ceremony, but confirmed that following this past episode of Friday Night SmackDown (which saw Kevin Owens obliterate The Bloodline before Zayn entered the ring), Roman Reigns decided to have a “Tribal Court” and have Sami Zayn on trial. do

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