Regardless of the pitch black matchup, the LA Knights are selling the hell out of it

Even as preeminent in Cageside Bray Wyatt is the opportunity-giver, I will readily admit that LA Night was the most entertaining part of SmackDown’s Uncle Howdy storyline. And as we inch closer Royal RumbleIn its Mountain Dew pitch black match between Wyatt and Knight, it continues.

That L.A don’t even know Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match Key (beyond this Any kind of disqualification matter(perhaps carried out under strange lighting) didn’t stop this from being the case either.

Here is your latest proof:

Conventional wisdom had it that the conflict with Wyatt Not good for your career, at least in the short term. But Knight’s is either an exception to that rule, or a sign that it’s no longer true.

While he’s not going to be the favorite next Saturday in San Antonio, many people now know what a talent Eli Drake is. It’s hard to imagine that WWE wouldn’t have a use for someone who has earned — and can sell — himself Stupid product tie in match Without even knowing what it is – the way he has.

It’s a fact of life (yes).

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