Pro Wrestling Friends and Fans Raise Huge Funds for Jay Briscoe’s Family – Wrestling Inc.

The wrestling world is in mourning The tragic death of Jay Briscoe (real name Jamin Pugh) tragically lost his life this week in an automobile accident. While it was a harrowing time, it once again showed the strength of the professional wrestling community, as people came together to raise over $200,000. Help support Briscoe’s family In these difficult times. A Give Send Go campaign Set up earlier this week, and with some notable big money donations from some of the biggest industry names, Chris Jericho donated $15,000 to the cause.

Jericho never wrestled the Briscoes, but he is well-known for donating money and giving back to the wrestling community in difficult situations like this. Elsewhere, The Young Bucks both donated $10,000. They were arguably the Briscoes’ greatest rivals throughout their careers, with the two teams putting on countless clinics over the years. Kevin Owens is another who has donated $10,000, and he shares a long history with Briscoe. The two men competed numerous times early in Owens’ career, and after Briscoe’s death he shared a heartfelt message about how influential the ROH Hall of Famer was on his journey.

Over the past year, the Briscoes’ biggest rival has been FTR. The two teams put on an iconic trilogy of matches that will stand the test of time, and Dax Harwood and his family donated $3,000 as he wrote a personal message thanking Briscoe for what he did last year, Harwood saying, “I’m bringing tequila with me to heaven. ” It’s not just wrestlers who have donated though as Pro Wrestling Tees owner Ryan Barkan has donated $1,500. The Briscoes have sold merchandise through him throughout their careers, bringing financial success to all three, Barkan is now graciously giving back.

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