Potential WWE sale: Comcast buyers, alongside Disney and Saudi Arabia

thank you Oddschecker To send these odds and sales letters to WWE and potential buyers:

Sportsbook names Comcast favorite to buy WWE

Vince McMahon is back and looking to sell the company his family has owned since its founding in 1953. So who can buy the wrestling giant? Well, the book seems to have a pretty clear favorite.

Comcast is given -140 odds, or an implied 58.3% chance of buying WWE. Comcast hosts WWE PPVs and their entire video library on Peacock and has broadcast Raw in the US for decades. Their biggest competition is Disney who offer +350 odds, or an implied 22.2% chance.

Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund doesn’t count though. They are given +750 odds, or an implied 11.8% chance to buy the company. Endeavor Group Holdings, +900, and Amazon, +950, ​​are also realistic longshots to complete a buyout.

One of the most interesting possibilities is the company being purchased by a competitor. AEW owner Tony Khan is given +3000 odds or an implied 3.2% chance to complete a buy. Dwayne Johnson’s Red Bird Media is also given +2000 odds or an implied 4.8% chance to buy the company. The Rock previously bought the XFL from McMahon.

Quoting OddsChecker spokesperson Kyle Newman, “These are strange times in WWE. The company is gearing up for WrestleMania season, but its owner is gearing up for the biggest move in company history. For now, the books are leaning toward past relationships while gauging who might be interested in buying.” So Comcast is the easy favorite. Could someone else jump in and buy the company at about $7 billion? It wouldn’t be the biggest shock if they did.”

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