Osprey about having dyslexia and ADHD will be corrected for controversial tweets

Will Ospreay was a guest on the latest edition session With Renee Paquette. The former IWGP United States Champion discusses his history with controversial tweets, his learning disabilities and ADHD diagnosis.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his regret for his controversial tweet: “I actually did a lot of soul-searching with it because I think I was an absolute c*** when it came to this stuff. I feel like I don’t think about what I write. I’m dyslexic as f**k. I really don’t understand it. Like, I’m on the spectrum for f**king autism and I’ve got crazy ADHD. So I don’t care about s**t, I just do it. I feel like I used it like a diary for so long not realizing I was tweeting to hundreds of thousands of people. I’ll be honest with you, I think I let myself down, and I let down someone who just wanted to be my staunch supporter. Sometimes I feel like a total twat when I re-read some of my old stuff.”

When working to fix and repair fences: “I think the best thing I can do right now is… everything I’ve done with social media, and someone telling me I’m **capped? I put my hand up and say hey, I’m sorry king. I realized where I went, no one cares about your opinion! Nobody cares about my opinion, so why am I tweeting it? I’m trying really hard to educate myself and be more aware of other people. I have overstepped the bounds of responsibility and I have come to make amends with people I have fallen out with and have not done so. I can admit, well, I’m single***. But I’m a nice c***. I’m really trying my best to mend fences.”

If dyslexia is diagnosed: “I was dyslexic after finishing school. I basically failed everything. The only thing I passed was drama and PE. So I failed in English, Maths, Science, all the subjects you need to get into college. So I just had to go to work. I think I got to a point where I wanted to go to college, and that was the word used “Irlen Syndrome”? I can’t remember exactly what it was, but it’s like total dyslexia. You can’t read very well, you’re not very good at writing. The words became huge for me to read this. I’ve always struggled with that. Sometimes I tweet something and I don’t even read it properly, so there are many spelling mistakes. It’s embarrassing right, innit? As a big ass man. I have a mortgage, somehow, I can’t even read and write!”

On his ADHD diagnosis in 2019: “The ADHD thing came in 2019. I had a call with my doctor, I wasn’t feeling well. I sent it home with some tests. It was more like… I don’t want it to ever be an excuse, but it was always like, “That’s why you put yourself through so much trouble.” That’s because you didn’t think about the reaction, you just did it. I’m growing up now, I’m almost thirty, I have to grow up soon.”

On delaying further investigation into the epidemic being on the spectrum: “The autism thing, I went in like a doctor… f**k, when was it? I think it was early 2020, yes, it was. And the epidemic came and I’ve never heard of it since! I’ve always tried , but like, I think I’m on the spectrum? But I don’t get a guarantee like “boom”. It’s kind of like, the other two, yes, I’m diagnosed. The other one, there’s still an answer for. Waiting lists, especially in England, ** The king is long, bruv.”

Sees his neurodivergence as positive: “Even if I have it, I don’t see it as harmful. I see it as a super power. We are all autistic children, we are better than normal people. We can lock the **king. We can do just that. We are the number one for all autism kids out there.”

What he hyperfocuses on: “Wrestling. It’s like, I can’t stop the king. I lock it. It’s great, I think it’s a really great superpower.”

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